Guidelines for parents or guardian  
» Parents are requested to closely monitor their child’s progress by paying attention to their punctuality, regularity, discipline and school assignments. Please check the almanac of your ward everyday for homework or any other instructions, if given.
» Parents are not allowed to see the child or any teacher during school hours. It disturbs their working. They can meet the teachers as specified earlier.
» Parents should ensure that their wards are in proper school uniform. No fancy jewellery, trinkets, studs etc. should be worn by girls / boys. Please  keep the hair of boys neatly trimmed. Fancy hair style / cut of any sort or colouring of streaks / hair strands is strictly forbidden for both girls and boys.
» Please inform the class teacher and school office for any change in your address or phone numbers or mode of transport for school.
» Parents are requested to observe that children do not bring expensive items or large sum of money to school. Kindly restrict pocket money to minimal.
» Parents are requested to kindly explain to the child the need to look after his / her belongings. The school does not accept responsibility for any item lost in school.
» Please provide a supportive, value – based environment to your child at home. Using discretion and parental judgment, keep track of your child’s mental health and emotions, and do keep in touch with the Class teacher / Counsellor / HOD in case of any problem in child’s behaviour or academics.
» The school accepts no responsibility for any injury within the school premises. Only First Aid shall be provided in such cases. All major expenses will be the sole responsibility of parents / Guardians.
» If a student leaves the school premises without permission and is untraceable, the school will not be responsible for any mishap / accident.
» Parents are requested to maintain decency in their dressing while coming to school for any reason.
» Parents are advised not to bring lunch packets of their wards during the school hours if their ward has forgotten the same while coming to the school. It is not desirable for security reasons and causes inconvenience in the school’s working as well.
» Students should be encouraged to buy inexpensive bags to avoid unhealthy competitive tendencies.
» Parents are also requested to restrict celebration of Birthdays of their wards in school to simple distribution of toffees / candies.
» Parents need to ensure that during their ward’s absence from school, work done in the class is made up for.
» Parents should monitor the Internet sites being visited by their ward and limit Television viewing to appropriate programmes and duration.
» You are requested not to make any social engagements or medical appointments during school timings as children will not be allowed to go home in between. 
» should there be any sign of infectious disease at home, please report the fact at once and do not send your ward to school till the infectious period is over.
Note: Cellphones are strictly not permitted within the school premises by the students. A strict disciplinary action will be taken against the student, if found carrying it in the school.
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