Discipline and code of conduct  
1. The school is strongly in the favour of Self-Discipline.
2. School hours are specified by the school authorities from time to time. (For example, during the examinations school hours may change)
3. Students are strictly forbidden from leaving the school premises during school hours without the written permission of the Principal.
4. Running or shouting in the school premises is not allowed. Use of bad / foul language is forbidden. Indiscipline in school premises can lead to serious disciplinary action.
5.  Students are not allowed to wear any ornaments, expensive watches or bring any valuable articles to school. The School will not be responsible for the loss of any such article brought by the students.
6.  Students should maintain discipline in the playground as well as in the campus and outside the campus of the school.
7.  Students are required to observe high standards of personal hygiene and cleanliness. They are also advised to keep their classrooms / school campus neat and clean. Waste materials and left overs may be thrown into the dustbins only.
8. All students should endeavour to vow with one another in good manners to keep the fair name of the school unblemished, in deed and by word.
9. School Uniform is an integral part of discipline in a student’s life. It should be adhered to by all the students. They are expected to wear the school uniform in a proper manner with I-card as specified by the school.
10.  Late arrivals and uniform defaulters may be penalized for not following the school timings and wearing improper uniform.
11. A strict disciplinary action may be taken against any student who is found to damage school property, writing or drawing anything on the walls or school furniture or library books, bursting crackers or throwing colours on one another within the school premises, bullying or using any form of abusive language or violence against a fellow student or school staff and cheating during a test or any examination.
12. Optimum silence should be maintained while shifting to other rooms for any activity or lab work.
13. Students should move out for drinking water or easing out only with permission of teacher and are required to carry class pass with them.
14  Students are not permitted to buy food articles from vendors or shops outside school premises.
15  Non-Sikh boys are not allowed to keep long hair. They must maintain a proper haircut at all times.
16 Girls are required to tie their hair neatly in 2 pony tails or 2 plaits according to the length of their hair with proper colour ribbon.
17  Students should not use any vehicles to and from school unless they have a licence and have obtained permission from school authorities.
18. No gifts, ‘Sweets’, Rubber-Pencils, should be sent on the child’s Birthday. No gifts of any kind should be given to any of the Teaching or Non-Teaching staff. The child has to be in school uniform and can distribute one or two toffees to his / her classmates.
19  Any student found quarelling with peer group, teaching or non-teaching staff; keeping objectionable articles, like Photographs, Magazines, Mobile Phones, C.D’s, Audio and Video Casettes, any indecent literature will be liable to strict disciplinary action. Even if the student is found indulging in unfair means in exams or any uncalled for activity outside school, which directly affects the reputation of school, he / she will be suspended with immediate effect.
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