Smt. Swarn Lata Sethi DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL
Mausam Vihar, Delhi 110051
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Day Date Activity Class Deptt. Teacher Coordinator 
Monday 1 SCHOOL REOPENS      
Tuesday 2        
Wednesday 3        
Thursday 4 Excursion to Cyber World XI-XII Computer Science Dept. Ms. Divya Jyoti                         Ms. Usha Arora
Friday 5 Digital Story Telling VIII Computer Science Dept. Ms. Geeta Kaur                      Ms. Saloni Jagota
Saturday 6        
Sunday 7        
Monday 8 Rhythmic Vision- English Song VIII English Dept. Ms. Jatinder Dhiman
Tuesday 9 Graph Decoration Activity VIII-IX Mathematics Dept. Ms. Robin Gupta                    Ms. Suman Kumari
Wednesday 10 Scientific Rangoli VI-VIII Science Dept. Ms. Priyanka M. Kumar                           Ms. Udit Pragya
Thursday 11 Special Assembly :World Population Day     House On Duty
Friday 12 French Day Festival - Le 14 Juillet le Jour de la Bastille IV-VII French Dept. Ms. Neha Bhatia                    Ms. Neha Khurana
Saturday 13        
Sunday 14        
Monday 15 Vigyapan Prastutikaran VII Primary Deptt Ms Parul                                   Ms Neha Bhatia
Tuesday 16        
Wednesday 17        
Thursday 18        
Friday 19        
Saturday 20        
Sunday 21        
Monday 22        
Tuesday 23 VIBGYOR III-VII Primary Deptt Class Co-ordinators
Wednesday 24        
Thursday 25 Fancy Dress (Theme Books) IV-V Primary Deptt Ms Parul                                  Ms Neha Bhatia
Saturday 27        
Sunday 28        
Monday 29 Special Assembly-International Tiger Day (Preserve Wildlife)      House on Duty
Tuesday 30 Deepayan-Investiture Ceremony     HOD's and Coordinators
Wednesday 31 Project VII Primary Deptt Ms Mili                                  Ms Neha Jaggi