“Creativity is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.”

Early yearsof childhoodeducation consist of activities and experiences that are intended to effect developmental changes in children prior to their entry into elementary level education.

We believe in holistic development of each child. We focus on child centric education and integrated approach. Our curriculum includes wide range of activities to assist overall development of child. Everyday of the school is planned in such a way that helps the child to learn, grow and develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally to the best of his/her individual ability. Our activity based curriculum is planned to help each child enjoy his/her schooling. Inclusion of activity based learning develops their academic and social skills and helps them to be independent. They learn to communicate with other people and understand their world to gain knowledge.

Stepping of nursery children on stage fabricates confidence and innovative articulation. So we give ample of opportunities to the children to express themselves with their innate talents and qualities through stage exposure. Children bolster creative expression, self esteem and interpretation skills by participating in different activities like Fancy dress, different projects presentation, varieties of activities. This not only make them feel on the top of the world but also make them confident.

Senses are gateways of knowledge. Sensory activities play a crucial role for the brain development and cognitive growth in early years of learning. Playing with sand, mud, nature walk, playing with musical instruments or sound box helps a child in sensory development. These activities are also helpful in their language development, cognitive growth, social interaction fine and gross motor development .In our nursery classes children enjoy these sensory activities and learn in a fun way.

A lot of opportunities are provided to young children so as to enhance their ability to think, solve problems and make decisions. This in turn develops their self confidence and positive attitude towards school learning.

Our belief is that each child is unique and has a different learning style and pace. So we catch them young to  groom them up for holistic development. 


Students are given exposure of lessons throguh smart classes. Learning is mae enjoyable through this Audio Visual Aid.




Various art and craft activities help in enhancing concentration and different skills in students like thinking skills, visual learning, and much more. Such activities have proven to increase the IQ level of the students. 

In Art and Craft, children regularly use various muscles of their fingers, wrists and hands which improves their fine motor skills. Regular use of these muscles improves their strength and finesse and helps them to learn different formations in writing tasks.

Colouring Activity, Tearing and Pasting Activity , Mask Making Activity

Story Time

Stories create an emotional connect amongst children. Teachers dramatize stories with the help of props and voice modulation. This helps to ignite child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity. Children are also given an opportunity to narrate the stories on their own.

Story Presentation by teachers through Puppets and Story Narration Activity by children







Reciting poetry helps place emphasis on the sound and the rhythm of language, thus building a child's phonemic awareness and help to solidify a foundation for reading abilities.



Free hand drawing Activity

It helps in the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which is important in early stage of development of the child. It improve communication skills, enhance creativity, increase emotional intelligence, improve memory, boost self-esteem and also reduces stress.



World Health day was celebrated with an objective to develop a deep understanding  about the importance of healthy life.children were awared by discussing how to keep themselves healthy and happy.Art work was also done by children ,they did finger printing in the pictures of fruits and vegetables.They also promised to take healthy diet instead of eating junk food.




Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April for raising awareness about the importance of Protecting Our Planet and taking action. Children were made aware how to keep surrounding clean by planting trees  and to Save Earth from Global warming. Children also expressed their thoughts regarding it. They also went to the garden and watered water there.


Mother’s day is a special day, for all children and mothers as, it celebrates the bond of love and affection that is everlasting. Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family, who have the magic touch to heal all wounds and make all things beautiful. Children made a beautiful  super mom card as a surprise gift for their mothers.



International Yoga Day 

International Yoga Day was celebrated with the theme of “Yoga for humanity” . Little children of Pre- Primary performed various yoga with their family members.Children enjoyed various exercises.Yoga helped them in Physical and mental well being.


School Foundation Day 2022 was heartily celebrated by our todlers. They all enjoyed the day by doing various craft activities like making pomp-pomps , fflower bouquets 


Celebration of Colours Day

Learning the colours is a milestone in early childhood and represent a child’s cognitive understanding . Exposing children to and teaching them about the colours develops their visual perception.

Different colours day were celebrated with great pomp and show. Children were asked to dressed up accordingly.


Paper Bag Day 

Paper Bag Day was celebrated as an important day to promote the use of environment friendly paper bags which serve as a sustainable alternative to harmful plastic bags. The aim is to spread awareness about using paper bags instead of plastic, to help to reduce plastic pollution. To create awareness among the young DAVians . Pre Primary children made beautiful paper bags and decorated them beautifully.

Mango Day 

National Mango Day was celebrated  on 22 July, 2022 with great zeal and zest children bought  mangoes and its product  to eat they also did cotton dabbing in the picture of mango and spoke few sentences on it.

National Unity Day 

National Unity Day is an initiative celebrated every year to commemorate Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's birth anniversary. This year the day was celebrated with story narration on unity and pledge. Children were also dressed up like freedom fighters and leaders of India.


The Earth reveals its innocence through the smile of children. Children spread love and joy in every season.

On the occasion of Children’s favourite- Chacha Nehru’s birth anniversary, Children’s Day was celebrated with different fun activities like indoor and outdoor games. Children played and learnt together enjoyed class party. 

Children had a great time …


Button Day Activity was conducted in which children brought beautiful buttons. It is an important life skill activity for toddlers as it helps them in dressing up themselves and make them independent too.

They learnt the copncept of shapes and colours through this activity. Children enjoyed buttoning andunbuttoning the shirt they brought. 



















Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable




Healthy Body has a Healthy Mind

Students are given ample opportunites for their gross motor development through various physical activities and outdoor games. Children learn and enjoy various concepts  like social behaviour, ettiquettes, working in a team with discipline. They play on swings and other games.


Coconut Day

Coconut day was celebrated on 2 September with the aim to make children know the health benifits of coconut. Children  enjoyed drinking coconut water and were also motivated  to make it the part of their diet .



Teacher’s Day Celebration

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill love for learning. "The School celebrated Teacher’s day with great fun and enthusiasm. Children made beautiful card for their teachers. They also participated in special assembly conducted in school .They were dressed up like teachers and spoke few lines about their teachers.


Engineer Day

Engineer Day was celebrated in the honour of Sir MV the great Scientist and Bharat Ratna. This year theme was Engineer for change. Children were motivated to create any transport with the given shapes. They shown their creative skills and it was experience STEM learning.


Activity - Means of Transport '

Activity of 'Means Of Transport' was organized in school premises in which Road scene was depicted. children brought the toys of road transport , they were told the traffic rules and road safety through this activity.

Activity of 'Classification of means of transport ' was organised as recapitulation. Children brought the pictures of different types  of transport, they were able to name the transport and paste them on their right place on the clasification chart.



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